Twisted Mountains

“These stories speak for themselves. Each one is a
breath of fresh mountain air.”

Helen Mort, author of Black Car Burning

4.75 out of 5 on GoodReads*

* * Available now from Little Peak Press * *

You meet all sorts lurking in the mountains. Young and old, rich and poor, those with a kind heart and those who are pure evil…

Twisted Mountains is collection of 16 short stories set among the summits of England, Scotland and Wales, from Ben Hope to the South Downs. Each tells the story of someone who has their own reasons to be in the mountains. From a vengeful student to obsessive hostel owner, the wannabe biker to the Wainwright expert with a secret. While the stories are varied in their subjects, all have mountains at their heart and a dark humour running through them.

Twisted Mountains provides a different take on the characters you find in and around the mountains. The book tells their stories in varied voices, and in ways that are shocking, dark, funny and sad, sometimes all at once.

What they’re saying about Twisted Mountains

“Tim Woods deftly introduces the setting and the character, and leads us into their story … this book would make an excellent stocking-filler for the outdoor bibliophile in your life.”

Review by the Climbers Club

“Dark, witty, perceptive, and occasionally even lyrical, Twisted Mountains would be great read with your feet up by a bothy fire; just don’t go alone.”

Review by UK Hillwalking in their ‘Top picks of 2021’

* Ratings as of the last time I checked them.


A big thank you to everyone who helped with this book: Gary, Gordon, Penny, Mike, Dad, Jane, AJ, Heather, Jo, Rhiannon and Helen, and anyone else I’ve forgotten.