Love In The Time Of Britpop – out now in paperback and ebook

“Lovable characters intertwined with references to what was the greatest music movement of recent times … it manages to stir up your own memories of the Britpop era.”

Brits & Pieces, Britpop memorabilia expert

“I loved this book … I would also say it’s Definitely, Maybe on my shortlist of my favourite books of the year … It’s the perfect book to read … if you just simply love a very good, very funny, slice of life story.”

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4.4 out of 5 on GoodReads*

Love in the time of Britpop ebook cover

“Such an enjoyable read … you can really relate to it, the music, the bands, being a student in that time … there’s a lot of witty one-liners and you laugh out loud a lot.” 

Britpop Banter Podcast


Britpop Revival Show

* * Available now from online bookstores * *

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England, 1990s. Cool Britannia is taking over the world and Britpop is leading the charge.

The easiest thing for Chris would be to submerge himself in the music, and focus on getting a ticket for Blur, the last big Britpop band he hasn’t seen live. But with girls like Lou around, it’s not that simple. And she’s not the only one distracting him from his beloved bands …

The end of the century was a very different era. It was a time before speed dating, smartphones or swipe right. If you wanted to meet girls, you had to actually go and talk to them. You even had to attempt it sober at times.

And that’s the problem facing Chris, the protagonist of Love In The Time Of Britpop. He isn’t rich, adventurous or especially intelligent. Occasional sulks over music are as close as he gets to brooding. And mysterious? There are children’s jigsaws more complex.

This unromantic comedy follows his travels and travails during the final year of university, and asks: should you even bother trying to get the girl when you’re not tall, dark or handsome?

Love In The Time Of Britpop is a book for all children of the Nineties, indeed music lovers of any style or vintage – anyone, in fact, who likes rude jokes, Sheffield or 20-year-old music references. It is available now in paperback and ebook from online bookshops, good or bad.

You can listen to the opening chapter, read in a genuine Sheffield accent by Bill Allerton of Urban Tiger Radio, here:

You can also listen to the book’s playlist (minus Elastica and My Life Story) here:

What they’re saying about Love In The Time Of Britpop

“Breathtakingly affecting, this relentless pursuit of the Meaning of Life and Love through the musical kaleidoscope of the Britpop era will immerse you until it’s finished with you. My life, once an Oasis, is now something of a Blur…” – Bill Allerton, author of ‘The Fox & The Fish’, ‘Firelight on Dark Water’, ‘A Day for Tigers’, and Urban Tiger Radio

“Fantastic! Devoured it in a weekend ironically on my way to a Britpop gig. Loved all the references to my absolute favourite music genre and the ‘will they won’t they’ storyline kept me hooked till the end. Very recognisable characters and a very fond picture of what our lives were like back in the day …” Adele Pascale

“A really relatable read … Loved the musical references and the characters! A fantastic book! Sad to finish it!” – Pallen 386

“Read it and loved it … Fantastic way of reliving / remembering university life and Sheffield.” – S. Young 

“Like a cross between Nick Hornby and Sue Townsend for the Britpop generation, funny, heartwarming and highly recommended.” – Andy McDevitt

“Delves into the mundanity of student life with an attention to detail that Nick Hornby would be proud to have achieved.” – Roger, Argyle Supporters’ Trust

“The narrative style is enjoyable and self-effacingly funny, in a kind of Adrian Mole way … it’s an entertaining read.” – Anonymous reviewer

“Not exactly Shakespeare, is it?” – Penny Woods, sister

“There should be more [insert favourite Britpop band] in it.” – Virtually everyone

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